Привітання з Різдвом англійською мовою

Heaven tonight is singing with us
And candles burn all the night,
Through the darkness all you can see is the light,
We don’t sleep, we wish Happy Christmas.

And snow is falling on Christmas trees,
Beautified with colorful sweets,
Do you feel the smell of tasty treats,
People crowded the Christmas streets.

Today Santa will come to you
To make your laugh. He’ll bring gifts, too.
Let’s mark this Christmas, dear friend.
And our fun will never end.

We’ll sing now jolly songs together.
Guys, even if the weather
Is not so good. So say: “Hurray!”
Let’s start to celebrate this day!

Merry Christmas, my friend,
This year’s coming to an end.
The Bethlehem star’s shining bright,
Here comes the holly, joyful night.

And during this time I’d like to wish
Good mood, more smiles and a tasty dish.
I hope your dreams will come true soon,
When clock hands reach the point noon.

Let’s decorate the Christmas tree.
It’s real fun for you and me.
We’ll place now here gifts for all,
Adults and kids, who are still small.
We’ll sign to each a postcard.
And even the one who can discard
This holiday will read his mail
And feel: Christmas is a fairy tale.
We wish: let wonders all come true.
Let’s hug now tight here, me and you.

Let this Christmas
Be snowy and white.
New Year is coming!
So I wish you tonight
Be healthy and strong,
And never be wrong.
Just be happy with people
You are in love and for long.

December is a special month.
Each year it gives us a chance
To celebrate the holy night
In pacification and delight.

I wish you, dear: shine from love,
Delight and joy. It is so tough
To share this Christmas now with you.
I feel so happy — this is true.

Merry Christmas, lovely friends,
Darling mom and dad.
Granny, grandpa, all the rest,
Never live in bad.

Merry Christmas wish for you,
Human must be kind.
Let all world believe in pure,
God will be your guide.

Merry Christmas, merry life,
Be yourself through all.
Have your own simple style,
And you won’t fall.

Listen to the whispers of this Christmas,
It has a lot of messages for you.
And then you will avoid the stress
In your life, and know what to do.

May your smile never fade,
Whatever was lost before.
May you always have light without any shade.
May the health never live you anymore.

Christmas time is coming here,
And the snow is everywhere.
Angels are singing a beautiful song.
And jolly carols are sung along.
Under shining stars I’m staying,
“Happy holiday!”, — I’m saying.
May your days be filled with gladness,
May your soul be never touched by sadness.
And I hope this holly day
Will bring you joy in every way.

Christmas is a charming day.
It’s a wonder, it’s the holiday
When you long much fun and snow
When you watch the candles’ glow.

So, I know, deep in your heart
You will feel this glory, start
Celebrating this event.
Wish you: luck must never end!

Welcome, Christmas, wait for you.
What you brought for us?
Maybe wisdom, feeling pure,
Thinking, take we glass.

“In the bottom you’ll see light” —
Christmas told us calm.
“Just be kind, happy, bright,
Life is like a charm!”

Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas,
Hurry up or you will miss this!
Brilliant snowflakes fall from the sky,
Let’s tell the leaving year “Cheers!” and “Goodbye!”
May your home be bright and warm,
And defended from any storm.
On this wonderful day I would like to say,
Have an excellent and happy, very gleeful holiday!

New Year knocks your door.
Are you happy see it here?
You can ask today for more:
For love, all problems disappear…

Stay always young and sing a song
Of jingle bells in Christmas rock.
I wish all dreams are coming true.
Let this year be the best for YOU!

All your friends are here
And family supports your too.
I wish these people be always near,
Just make you smile and feeling good.

If I had in my hands a goldfish,
I would probably have a strange wish:
Let all people live happy, in love,
Let us stop all the wars, guys, enough!

Start this Christmas in peace and in joy,
Simply hug your close friends and enjoy
Time you spend with them, even at night
Wish you luck, real patience, delight!

Do you smell this Christmas in the air?
It has come to drive off your despair.
Fill your heart with kindness and love,
Feel the grace of God, it’s really tough.

Let your life be as bright as you are,
Shine to all like a little gold star.
Share with people warmth and light.
Let’s celebrate now this magic night!

Dear friend, just look around:
Only those guys surround
You that want so much enjoy
Christmas with delight and joy.

I wish all with all my heart:
Let’s all dreams of you can start
Coming true, simply right here.
Happy Christmas, buddies. Cheer!

We decorate with gifts and lights
All houses, streets and flats.
Cause Christmas comes with happy dreams,
Which nobody forgets.

Let be with warm your fire-place,
Let friends be open, true.
I wish you only happiness,
Let sky be always blue.

Christmas is a magic day.
Miracles will happen everywhere.
— Make a wish today, — they say.
— You will be blessed forever.

And God will help you in everything,
He’ll show the successful way.
You’ll have a lot of money to bring
Whatever you want, not only today.

All your problems will be gone
In all the things you do.
Say “Merry Christmas” for everyone.
And I will say for you.

Різдво до нас поспішає.
Бажання скоріше загадай.
Бог тебе благословить.
Щастя скрізь отримуй.

Бог тобі у всьому допоможе.
Він покаже вірний шлях.
Нехай тебе нічого не турбує.
З горою грошей піде весь смуток.

Всі проблеми будуть вирішені, мій друг,
У всіх твоїх справах і починаннях.
Пора вітати З Різдвом всіх навколо,
І я тебе вітаю.

I want this year
Brings you a hope.
May each day be
Full of love and a joy.

You deserve to be happy.
And around your friends
Have the best people
Who live on this Earth.

Christmas night is so snowy and blue.
It has come to us all. Me and you
Will together meet it holding hands,
And make a wish: let this joy never ends.

Let all people be happy. This day
Makes us better, and grief does away.
Cheer up, guys! Smile and let’s dance
Around Christmas tree — use this cool chance!